Kaylee's New Job!

Being a second semester Sophomore at this point, I have worked to take any opportunity that comes my way in order to make the most of my time at Dayton. I thought I’d share one of the more recent things I’m so very excited about (outside of being a new member of WIB of course!)

Over this past Christmas break, I researched and applied for scholarships, one being through the company of Fresh Prints. After about a month or two had passed, I received an email from the company. What I thought might be some sort of information on the scholarship, turned out to be a job opportunity instead. Part of the email read, “I think you might be a great fit for the Campus Manager role for Fresh Prints. Taken by surprise with this email, I decided to research the company more and look at their website. Then began the process.

Fast forward through the conference calls, multiple application rounds, phone interview, and training process, I am currently in the middle of performing a mock order, the last step before I become official! As mentioned before, I will be taking on the role of Campus Manager here at the University of Dayton where I will act as an apparel consultant. Instead of choosing online sites like customink, I will be the go to (because we match competitor prices), and quite honestly it will be more fun to have a personal relationship with the person who will make you look FRESH in your new apparel. I will be in charge of helping you come up with your ideal design for all your apparel needs, have our design team make as many revisions as you feel necessary, and order the product for you to have in your timeframe. P.S. we might throw in a discount or a free item(; We are one of the fastest growing companies with so much customer service and awesome products to overwhelm you with. Feel free to check out our website below to see our sweet new looks, or view my direct page if you need anything! I learned that maybe the most unexpected opportunities are the ones that will shape your character and be a life-changing experience!



Love always,

Kaylee Zeller


Kaylee and her dog, Lucy :)

Kaylee and her dog, Lucy :)

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