The Final Lap

To believe that 3 years has already flown by is absolutely absurd. It seems like just yesterday I was moving in to my freshman dorm and meeting my roommate for the first time. The minute I stepped on campus I knew that I wanted to get involved on campus. I needed to spend my time doing something besides watching Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill. So on what seems to always be the hottest Friday of the year, I went to Up the Orgs. Going to an all girls high school that was all about female empowerment and finding your voice, I saw the WIB table and knew right away that I wanted to join. Not only was I a business major, but I was also a girl that was very much about finding one's brand. So my friend Val and I signed up. Little did I know that signing up to join WIB would change my college experience in the best way possible. I joined the Operations Team right away and helped plan the professional and service events that year. My freshman year I also joined a sorority. So I really had my plate full with activities.

Going into my sophomore year at Dayton, I was elected to the Vice President of Operations for WIB. I was now the one of planning the professional events, the service events, and the annual Mentor Program. To say I had a full plate was the understatement of the year. I built a professional network within the Dayton and Cincinnati areas. Little did I know that one of the contacts I had met would be my foot in the door to a company I would later intern at. Going into my junior year, I still wanted to hold a position with WIB, but I wanted one that would help with my accounting degree. So I applied for the Vice President of Finance position, and was awarded the position.

Junior year is a blur. I kept telling myself, "let's get more involved. Make a difference in another organization." So at the end of 1st semester junior year, I ran for Vice President of Finance of our Panhellenic Council. Who knew that would be the most time consuming position of my life. Second semester I had 2 WIB meetings every week, 3 Panhellenic meetings, at least 1 for my sorority, 10 hours a week at my on-campus job, and then that thing called school and studying. Understatement of the century: I was busy. A joke in my house was "Caitlin is probably in a meeting." That was the response when people asked where I was and no one knew. It was pretty dead on. Even though I was more involved than I ever was freshman year, something was still missing. The missing piece came together when I became the president-elect for WIB. It was the one thing I knew I wanted out of my entire college experience.

Without WIB, I have no idea who I would be going into my 4th year of college. I would not have the self confidence I have now. I would not have the public speaking skills I have gained. The experience and responsibility of holding leadership positions would not be a thing. I found the path I want to go on. I figured out where I want to go with my career after college. I also made and kept friendships through WIB that I probably wouldn't have without WIB. Being apart of this organization and holding leadership positions year after year is the one thing I would never trade in my college experience. I have questioned a lot throughout college, but joining WIB was never something to question. To be apart of this organization and to now be the president is something I know I will cherish after college.

College goes by so quickly. I still remember the day I stopped at the WIB table at Up the Orgs. I still remember the girls who convinced me to sign up (peep Emma Cardone) and the ones that helped me grow to be the leader I am today (peep Emma again and Robyn Lutz) It has been an amazing ride, and I know this year will fly by quickly, but I am so excited to see the new adventures and ideas myself and the rest of this exec team brings to WIB this year.

WIB Love, Caitlin

UDayton WIB