Q. Who can join wib?

A. Anyone! We accept members, male or female, of all majors.


Q. how do I join?

A. Either stop by our table at Up the Orgs or contact us for an application. We accept applications at the beginning of each semester. If WIB is something you are really interested in, reach out to us today so you can have the chance to join WIB. After submitting an application, the executive board reviews all of them and offers interviews. There are 2 rounds of interviews. After interviewing, if you are a good fit, we will extend membership to you.


Q. How many events do you have each month?

A. Each month, we have our monthly meeting detailing the upcoming calendar, discussing issues going on in the world, and just hanging out more. We have one professional event a month, one service event a month, and at least 1 social event a month. We know our members are involved throughout the campus so we try not to put too much on their plates.


Q. how do Ibecome a leader in WiB?

A. Applications for leadership positions are sent out each March. We operate on academic years, so leaders are selected at the end of each academic year. The only position that has a requirement is President. In order to apply for president, you need to have held a leadership position in WIB in the past. That can either be a VP or director position.


Q. Are the dues expensive?

A. Dues are set each semester by the VP-Finance. She doesn't set them until we have finished our operating budget each semester. We keep them relatively low for the amount of events we have each semester.


Q. what are past events WIB has held?

A. For professional events, we have held branding workshops, interview workshops, College2Corporate workshops, and "What's Your Major?" panels. For service, we have made Valentine's Day cards for the Dayton Children's Hospital, bagged lunches for a food pantry, and care packages for soldiers. As for our social events, we have an annual back to school barbecue, movie nights, study hours during exam weeks, trivia nights, and so much more!